Salaam university exam office is pleased to notify all the student of all faculties and departments that, they can look their exam result on the university webpage.


The first students from the faculty of Computer science has started to defend their thesis presentation at Salaam University hall

The university has commenced the process of defending the thesis at Salaam University Hall, the panel consisting of the  Computer science was introduced by the Chancellor Professor Abdulkadir Black, Vice Chancellor professor Abdi Aden Osman and by our distinguished Board Director Dr. Hassan Ali Mohamed <anoboro>.

Salaam University is hereby welcoming and commencing the examinations:


Salaam University is hereby welcoming and commencing the examinations. The exams come on the back of well-prepared programs comprising of revisions and a flurry of tutorial provisions to ensure that the student and students are full prepared and focused. The 2000 students will experience modern ways of examinations and international norms of conduct.


Salaam students meeting

The gathering was lead by the Human Resource Management department addressing Business Management, all IT and Agriculture students. The topic of discussion was about Management employees and Information Systems. The presentation was about sensitivity, confidentiality, information security and how to manage these aspects.

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